Final 2022 CCTI Rules

  • NFHS Federation Rules
  • 4 Game Guarantee
  • Two Divisions (Prep, Varsity)

tournament rules

Official Rules

  1. Hockey Rules: NFHS Federation playing rules shall prevail unless noted otherwise.
  2. Rosters: Must be submitted to Capital City Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament officials before the tournament.
  3. We will be using the GAME SHEET for all games.
  4. Periods: Three 15-minute stop periods will be played for all games/ The home team listed shall wear light jerseys, and the visiting Team listed shall wear dark jerseys.
  5. Players Bench: A maximum of 20 players with no more than 18 skaters. Only team players and a maximum of 4 team officials are permitted on the player’s bench.
  6. Pre-Game warm-up: will be 5 minutes for all games.
  7. Except for the Prep Division Championship game, all Ice Slots are 90 minutes. This game has a 100-minute ice slot—no in-game ice cuts.
  8. There will be a 1-minute break between the 1st and 2nd periods. Ice will be cleaned before each game. Teams are asked to be prompt in taking the ice before the fun begins. Every effort will be made to keep the tournament on schedule.
  9. Points: Will be awarded as follows:
    1. Regulation Win-3 Points
    2. SO wins 2-Points
    3. SO Loss-1 Point
    4. Regulation Loss-0 Points.
  10. Divisions:
    1. Varsity Division (4 Teams). 
      1. Each Team will play a single game versus the other three teams.
      2. The top 2 teams will advance to the Championship Game. 
      3. The remaining teams will play a consolation game.
  1. Prep Division (6 Teams).
    1. Each Team will play three pool play games.
    2. The top 4 teams will advance to the Semi-Finals.
    3. The remaining teams will play a consolation game.
    4.  The semi-final game winners will advance to the Championship game.
  1. Standings: Will be determined by total points. In case of ties, standings will be determined as follows:
    1. Head-to-Head Competition
    2. Fewest goals allowed in all games
    3. Fewest penalty minutes
    4. Best +/- differential, Max Diff each game is five goals
    5. Goal quotient (A 6-4Win) quotient=.600 6/10
    6. If the teams remain tied based on the formula above, the tournament committee will flip a coin to determine the Team who advances.
  2. Shootout Rules
    1. The home team has the option of shooting first or going second.
    2. Players with unexpired penalties may not participate In the shootout. 
    3. Every skater must have one attempt before someone can go a 2nd time. Unless one Team has more skaters than the other, both teams can repeat players once the Team with fewer skaters has gone through their line-up. 
  3. For pool play and playoff games, a 3- person shootout will occur for all games that end in a regulation tie. If still tied, a single-player round will happen until a team wins. (Every skater must have one attempt before someone can go a 2nd time)
  4. For Championship Games, if teams are tied after three periods, overtime sudden death victory (1st team to score wins) will apply using a 5-minute overtime period with a Goalie + 4 Skaters per Team.
    1. If the teams remain tied after the overtime period, a 3-person shootout will ensue. If still tied, a single-player round will happen until a team wins. (Every skater must have one attempt before someone can go a 2nd time).
    2. All penalties carried over from regulation or called in overtime warrant the penalized Team to be shorthanded by one (or more) players with no fewer than three skaters on the ice.
  5. Officials: All games, except for the Prep Division Semi-Final and Championship Game, will utilize a 2-person officiating crew. Those games will use a 4-person officiating crew.
  6. Penalties:
    1. Minor – 2 Minutes
    2. Major – 5 Minutes
    3. Misconduct – 10 Minutes.
    4. We will follow NFHS hockey rules for all significant penalties and game ejections.
  7. Running Time: Running time will be utilized during round-robin play for games where the goal differential Is five goals or more, regardless of the period, until the goal differential is less than 5. During the Championship Game, running time shall only occur during the 3rd period. If necessary, running time will continue during All penalties. It will stop injuries and Time-outs.
  8. Time Outs: One 1-minute time-out will Be allowed for each Team in each game. The team captain or alternate captain should call the time-out.